North Korea Eating Dog Meat

In North Korea, summer is not a good time to be a dog. In the sizzling heat, North Korea’s biggest brewery is pumping out twice as much beer as usual, Pyongyang residents are lining up to get their “bingsu” — a syrupy treat made with shaved ice — and restaurants are serving up bowl after bowl of the season’s biggest culinary attraction: spicy dog meat soup.Read More →

Deaf, Partially Blind Dog Wins Award For Keeping Lost Child Safe Overnight in Australian Bushland

To the relief of her distraught family the three-year-old was in good health, rescuers said, suffering just minor scratches. “So she’d travelled quite a distance with her dog that was quite loyal to her,” emergency services coordinator Ian Phipps told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said.Read More →

Dog Meat

He claimed he was so irritated by the dog’s constant barking that he threw a stone at the two-year-old Welsh Corgi, resulting in the animal losing consciousness. “Only after the dog passed out, he claims, he strangled the animal and cooked it,” a detective in the southern city of Pyeongtaek said.Read More →