Colin Huang Founder of Pinduoduo - China News

“We wanted to let more of our customers take part in ringing the bell, but it might have been a bit of a hassle to arrange visas for all of them to travel to the US. Isn’t it better that consumers, investors, all of us, myself included, be here [in Shanghai]?” Colin Huang told mainland Chinese media on the day, adding that he prefers to avoid long-haul travel to prevent the recurrence of an ear infection.

Colin Huang, an ex-Google employee, is a serial entrepreneur. Pinduoduo, now worth some US$21.1 billion, is the 38 year-old’s fourth company, after a string of successful previous ventures.Read More →

China Firm Develops 'Laser Gun' That Can Set Fire to Protesters' Hair

“The weapon is designed to do things such as setting fire to illegal banners at a protest or setting fire to the hair or clothing of a protester,” general manager of the ZKZM fiber laser company said. “The power required to set a person aflame instantly from half a mile away is truly huge,” the website stressed.Read More →

Human Rights News

The report, which draws on official US data, open sources and the US media, accused the US of “serious infringement of citizens’ civilian rights,” “systematic racial discrimination,””widening rich-poor divide,” as well as “continued violations of human rights in other countries” and “severe flaws” in its democracy.Read More →