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OPM Caterpillar larvae - OPM scientific name Thaumetopoea Processionea

An outbreak of toxic OPM caterpillars that can cause asthma attacks, vomiting and skin rashes has descended on London. Health officials warns that do not touch or approach nests or caterpillars. Do not let children touch or approach nests or caterpillars. Do not let animals touch or approach nests or caterpillars; or try removing nests or caterpillars yourself.Read More →

Human Rights News

The report, which draws on official US data, open sources and the US media, accused the US of “serious infringement of citizens’ civilian rights,” “systematic racial discrimination,””widening rich-poor divide,” as well as “continued violations of human rights in other countries” and “severe flaws” in its democracy.Read More →

‘Comfort Women’ Sexually Abused By Japan Army During WWII

The 86-year-old woman does not give specific details as to what she experienced there. She summarizes it in one sentence: “It was not a place for human beings. It was a slaughter house.” After she says that, her voice sounds harder. Those three years shaped the rest of her life. “When the war was over, others were set free, but not me.”Read More →