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Woman Has Triplets Naturally After Having Twins in Her Second Pregnancy

“To have a history like her, which is first pregnancy one baby, second pregnancy, twins, and third pregnancy triplets, all natural, no in-vitro fertilization, no fertility medications and then all boys…,” neonatologist Dr. Vibhaben Thaker said. “If you put all those numbers together, it’s one in several million.”Read More →

Chidimma Amedu and Sophy Ijeoma Images

Chidimma Obodoechina Amedu (Chidimma Amedu) a Nigerian man, took that to a whole new level when he posted an unusual advert on Facebook. Chidimma Amedu put up a post on 30 December, asking any woman interested in being his wife to reply. Amedu received a couple of responses, but one from a certain Sophy Ijeoma was the one which caught his attention. They married on 6 January 2018.Read More →